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IT Service Management (DLMBITGSM01)




IT Service Management


150 h

ECTS Punkte:


Kurstyp: Wahlpflicht

Kursangebot : WS, SS

Course Duration : Minimum 1 Semester



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Beschreibung des Kurses:

This course focuses on the nature and practice of IT services to keep IT systems running. Besides IT systems programming and maintenance, the tool kit of IT after sales services will be discussed in detail.

Course Objectives and Outcome:

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • To understand IT service management as being the enabler of information technology strategies and operations objectives
  • To define the touchpoints between IT service management and management information systems
  • Students will be able to differentiate between lightweight and heavyweight approaches to IT service management.
  • To understand benchmarks and assessments to measure the capability of a service provider and its IT service management competences.
  • To proactively apply IT services management tools and platforms based on current information technology research and advisory.

Teaching Methods:

The learning materials include printed and online course books, vodcasts, online knowledge tests, podcasts, online tutorials, and case studies. This range of learning materials is offered to students so they can study at a time, place, and pace that best suits their circumstances and individual learning style.

Course Content:

  1. Introduction to IT Service Management
    1. IT Services, Business IT Services
    2. Service Level Agreement (SLA)
    3. IT Service Management
  2. IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL)
    1. Purpose and content of the IT Infrastructure Library
    2. Service Live Cycle in ITIL
    3. Overview on Service Strategy and Operational Processes
    4. Continual Service Improvement
  3. ITIL – Service Strategy
    1. Business Relationship Management
    2. Service Portfolio Management
    3. Financial Management for Services
    4. Demand Management
  4. ITIL – Operational Processes: Service Design
    1. Service Level Management
    2. Service Catalog Management
    3. Availability Management
    4. Service Continuity Management
  5. ITIL – Operational Processes: Service Transition
    1. Transition Planning and Support
    2. Change Management
    3. Service Asset and Configuration Management
    4. Release and Deployment Management
  6. ITIL – Operational Processes: Service Operation
    1. Event Management
    2. Incident Management
    3. Problem Management
    4. Request Fulfilment



  • Orand, B. (2011). Foundations of IT Service Management with ITIL 2011: ITIL Foundations Course in a Book. Create Space Independent Publishing Platform.
  • Sturm, R. (2000). Foundations of Service Level Management (1st ed.). Sams Publishing.
  • van Bon, J. (2007). Foundations of ITIL V3. Van Haren Publishing.

An actual list with course-specific mandatory reading as well as references to further literature is available in the Learning Management System


  • Depending on the course: Completion of online knowledge tests (approx. 15 minutes per unit, pass / not pass)
  • Course evaluation


  • Exam, 90 min.

Student Workload (in hours): 150

Self-study: 90 h
Self-examination: 30 h
Tutorials: 30 h