Accounting (DLMBACCE)

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1 Semester



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Workload: 300 h

ECTS Punkte : 10





Kurse im Modul:


Self-study: 180 h
Self-examination: 60 h
Tutorials: 60 h


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Prof. Dr. Gerhard Sälzer

Bezüge zu anderen Programmen:

• Master of Business Administration (MBA-60/90)
• Master General Management (GM-120)

Bezüge zu anderen Modulen im Programm:

• Corporate Finance

Qualifikations- und Lernziele des Moduls :

Advanced Management Accounting & Control (DLMBACCE01):
On successful completion, students will be able to:

  • Describe how controllership is set up in international companies.
  • Explain how management accounting and control have to consider the contingencies under which they are set up.
  • Design management accounting and control processes specific to the contingencies characterizing a specific company.
  • Utilize management accounting and control processes to address strategic uncertainties and support organizational learning.
  • Design, evaluate, and optimize management accounting and control systems and practices to influence the behavior of managers and employees.
  • Identify the importance of transfer pricing for multinational groups.
  • Discuss the role of the CFO in an international company.

Current Issues in Accounting (DLMBACCE02):
On successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Explain selected management and financial accounting issues.
  • Analyze relevant issues specific to the level of financial accounting established in a company.
  • Identify and explain the specific tasks of a CFO with regards to the different functions of financial accounting and financial management.
  • Describe the regulatory changes following the economic crisis, e.g. Basel III, and identify their impact of financial accounting and control.
  • Discuss recent developments concerning IFRS.
  • Develop processes and strategic plans that recognize the increased importance of working capital optimization and capital restructuring.
  • Identify the functions of a chief treasurer or controller in a multinational corporation.

Lehrinhalt des Moduls:

Advanced Management Accounting & Control (DLMBACCE01)

  • Controllership and the CFO: Core Competencies, Organization, and Strategies
  • Contingency Theory and Management Accounting and Control
  • Levers of Control
  • Behavioral Management Accounting and Control
  • Transfer Pricing, and Corporate and Shared Service Centers
  • Balance Scorecard, Executive Remuneration, and Control
  • Product Life Cycle, Business Strategy, and Control

Current Issues in Accounting (DLMBACCE02):

  • Preparation of Financial Statements
  • Optimization of Receivables and Inventory
  • Optimization of Liabilities and Equity
  • Current Issues in Financial Accounting
  • Valuing Businesses
  • Capital Budgeting 154
  • Financial Modeling and Valuation


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See the contributing course outlines

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Exam, 180 min (100%)