Management (English) (DLMMANE)

Module Title: Management (English)

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1 Semester

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Workload: 300 h

Credit Points: 10

Admission Requirements:

English Language proficiency

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Self-study: 180 h
Self-examination: 60 h
Tutorials: 60 h

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References to Other Programs:

• Master Leadership & Management, MLM-60
• Master General Management, GM-120
• Master of Business Administration, MBA-60/90

References to Other Modules in the Program:

• Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft I + II
• Marketing-Strategie
• Marketing-Seminar
• Wahlpflichtmodule I + II

Qualification and Educational Objectives of the Module:

Strategic Management
On successful completion, students will be able to:

  • Understand the entire process of strategic planning from the organizational planning, the implementation to the evaluation and controlling.
  • Apply appropriate analysis tools in order to methodically address specific business decisions.
  • Analyze the capabilities of their organization from a functional and resource perspective by evaluating its strengths and weaknesses.
  • Develop a better understanding of the wider business environment by analyzing the opportunities and threats facing their organization.
  • Evaluate strategies by employing appropriate controlling tools.

On successful completion, students will be able to:

  • Recognize underlying beliefs and attitudes towards leadership and compare the influence of various theories of leadership on the identification and development of leaders.
  • Outline the influence of social roles on leaders and employees, and assess the influence of roles types on the interactions between leaders and those they are leading.
  • As a leader, support employees by drawing on empirical evidence to effectively meet the expectations of employees.
  • Recognize the roles and conflicting interests inherent to leadership positions and develop strategies to address locomotion and cohesion.
  • Discriminate between effective and non-effective methods for managing staff and organizational activities, and apply those techniques and tools in practice to maximize the satisfaction and effectiveness of staff.
  • Perform the various responsibilities delegated to a leader such as communicate with employees, lead planning activities, delegate tasks, and plan and lead controlling activities.
  • Create a plan to support employees through the process of change within an organization.
  • Assess personal leadership style using a variety of measures and evaluate leadership activities relative to transactional and transformational leadership styles.

Course Content of the Module:

Strategic Management

  • Foundations and concepts of strategic management
  • Strategic planning process
  • International challenges of strategic management


  • Foundations of professional leadership
  • Leadership and motivation in the corporation
  • Leadership and corporate culture
  • Leadership and change management

  • Teaching Methods:

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    Prerequisites to Qualify for Assessment:


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    Exam, 180 minutes (100%)