Strategic Management (DLMBSME)

Module Title: Strategic Management

Module No.:


Semester / Term:



1 Semester

Module Type(s):


Regularly offered in:


Workload: 150 h

Credit Points: 5

Admission Requirements:


Language of Instruction:


Contributing Courses to Module:


Self-study: 90 h
Self-examination: 30h
Tutorials: 30 h

Course Coordinator(s) / Tutor(s):

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Module Director:

Prof. Dr. Maren Weber

References to Other Programs:

• Master General Management (GM-120)
• MBA International Business (IB-60 / IB-90)

References to Other Modules in the Program:

• Managing in a Global Economy
• Change Management

Qualification and Educational Objectives of the Module:

Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • Understand the entire process of strategic planning from the organizational planning, the implementation to the evaluation and controlling.
  • Apply appropriate analysis tools in order to methodically address specific business decisions.
  • Analyze the capabilities of their organization from a functional and resource perspective by evaluating its strengths and weaknesses.
  • Develop a better understanding of the wider business environment by analyzing the opportunities and threats facing their organization.
  • Evaluate strategies by employing appropriate controlling tools.

Course Content of the Module:

  • Foundations and concepts of strategic management
  • Strategic planning process
  • International challenges of strategic management

Teaching Methods:

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See the contributing course outline(s)

Percentage of the Module Grade Relative to the Final Grade for the Program:


Prerequisites to Qualify for Assessment:


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Exam, 90 minutes (100%)